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Tahoe Douglas Visitors Authority

The Tahoe Douglas Visitors Authority, a Nevada public agency, was created by the Nevada Legislature in June of 1997 with the passage of Assembly Bill 616 (The Tahoe-Douglas Visitors Authority Act). In an effort to boost tourism, the Act was passed to create the Authority and impose an occupancy tax on hotel room rentals in the County. The act allocates a portion of these occupancy-tax revenues for two purposes; first, for advertising, publicizing and promoting tourism and recreation in the Township; second, to spend the allocated proceeds on planning, construction and operation of a multi-use events and convention center in the Township.

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Tahoe Blue Event Center

The Tahoe Blue Event Center represents a new and unparalleled venue for conventions, special events and entertainment on Lake Tahoe’s south shore. The new Event Center will complement local resort services by leveraging the existing hotel bed base, utilizing available parking, and concentrating activity near restaurant, retail and recreation areas.

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