South Tahoe Events Center

The Tahoe South Events Center represents a new and unparalleled venue for conventions, special events and entertainment on Lake Tahoe’s south shore. The new Events Center will complement local resort services by leveraging the existing hotel bed base, utilizing available parking, and concentrating activity near restaurant, retail and recreation areas.

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Tahoe South Events Center

By the Numbers

Percentage of Douglas County’s property tax, consolidated tax, room tax, and gaming revenues generated at Lake Tahoe

Percentage of Douglas County’s population that resides at Lake Tahoe

Percentage decline in property value within the Casino Core since 2000


Estimated increase in annual revenues to Douglas County with a new event center (without increase in Casino Core assessed values)


Estimated number of construction jobs


Estimated number of FTE jobs, many primarily benefiting part-time/seasonal employees


Number of additional weeks current seasonal employees will be able to work with the new event center

Percentage of increase in property value on California side of South Shore within California redevelopment district


Number of year-round facilities at South Shore that competes with other markets in attracting conventions, trade shows, special events and entertainment


Number of events the new center could host annually


Potential number of concerts annually

80 Million

Current estimated cost to build an events center

Approximate percentage of the cost of construction from increased property taxes within the Lake Redevelopment District