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Key Event Center Facts

Douglas County’s Strategic Plan objective includes:

  • Partnering to ensure the County’s economic vitality.
  • Valuing our employees and work to develop a workforce that serves and is valued by County citizens.

South Shore lacks a year-round facility needed to compete with other markets in attracting conventions, trade shows, special events and entertainment, thus impeding the County’s economic vitality strategic plan objective.

The construction of a year-round convention/events center at South Shore is a part of the approved FY 2018-22 Douglas County Strategic plan for Economic Vitality.

Lake Tahoe generates 40% of Douglas County’s property tax, consolidated tax, room tax, and gaming revenues, yet has only 9% of the County’s population.

Douglas County has the highest percentage of jobs that are in the leisure and hospitality industry – more than any other county in Nevada.

Of the 16,841 paid employees in Douglas County, 7,727 work in retail, accommodations, and food services, 46% of the local workforce.