Why an event center?

An event center in the Tahoe Township will accomplish several goals:

  • Addresses critical need to alleviate economic blight in the area
  • Provides additional tourism activities during the shoulder season so as to create a year-round attraction for tourists and local residents
  • Boosts economic vitality of South Shore and, in turn, Douglas County
  • The main attractions for South Shore have evolved from gaming to recreation and entertainment.
  • Elevates the resort aesthetic of the casino core, harmonizing the core with the City’s successful redevelopment

Why now?

Gaming revenues and employment have declined and are not anticipated to increase. Lake Tahoe generates the lion share of gaming and room tax. An Event Center would generate an estimated tax surplus of approximately $1M, create jobs, and diversify and grow the resort economy.

How much will it cost to build the event center?

Based on current estimates, the center will cost approximately $80M.

Will the resorts help fund the event center?

  • Private sector land donation
  • Bond against Tahoe Lodging License Fee
  • Plan for a room surcharge for the Tahoe Township Lodging resorts

How much will taxpayers be responsible for funding the event center?

Approximately 25% of the funding source from increased property taxes within
the Lake Redevelopment District.

How will the region (Douglas County) benefit from the construction of an event center?

  • $200K-300K per annum increased sales tax as Douglas County will become a “point of origin” county
  • 350-550 FTE jobs, many primarily benefiting part-time/seasonal employees
  • More than 800 construction jobs
  • An increase in year-round jobs provide more financial stability for Douglas County residents who work at South Shore.
  • 28% of K-12 students in Zephyr Cove school district receive free lunches so the availability of additional jobs will help these families relying on several, part time jobs to provide for their basic needs.

Will the project rely on local labor?

  • Local labor is prioritized.
  • 1,727 of the 16,841 paid employees in Douglas County work in construction and wholesale trade, which is more than 10% of the local workforce.

What is the projected increase in room nights resulting from an event center?

There would be an increase in annual revenues to Douglas County from room taxes of $810,600 to $1.2 million.

What are the projected taxes that will be collected as a benefit of the event center?

Boost in Douglas County’s TOT, Lodging License Fees, and Sales Tax an estimated $1.1 mil. To $1.7 mil.

What are the projected economic impacts to Douglas County?

  • Increase in year-round jobs, mostly for local residents who currently work reduced hours during the shoulder seasons (approximately 14 weeks in the summer and 14 weeks in the winter).
  • Run-off economic benefits to tourist businesses in the valley.

What events/conventions/concerts/etc. are anticipated?

  • The market analysis prepared by Conventions Sports and Leisure found that the convention center could host approximately 130 events per year.
  • Most of these events would consist of corporate and association meetings, banquets and receptions, serving up to 1,200 attendees.
  • This type of event typically occurs midweek (e.g., Sunday through Thursday) and during the spring and fall months.
  • Potential for up to 30 concerts per year.
  • Sports tournaments, such as hockey, basketball and volleyball.

What will the environmental impact be resulting from construction and long-term maintenance of an event center?

  • Reduction in blight through more environmentally sound site improvements
  • Reduction in pollutants of concern entering Lake Tahoe associated with surface parking
  • Reduction in sediment load to Lake Tahoe.

Will the project include changes to traffic patterns and parking options?

  • The event center plans have incorporated the plans for the Loop Road so that both projects work in concert with respect to traffic patterns.
  • As with the current large events, parking for event center use will be coordinated with all resorts in the surrounding core during peak usage. (Existing parking exceeds demand.)
  • The event center’s plans include new transit shelters, a proposed 100’ long transit pull-off along Hwy 50, and a seasonal micro-transit system.